The MAN Story

A Legendary Brand In Mechanical Engineering

MAN, a German mechanical engineering company with origins dating back to the 18th century, has been a leader of technological innovations for more than two centuries. 

The company traces its history to 1758, with the launch of the St. Antony ironworks in Oberhausen. In the coming centuries MAN moved from ore mining and steel production to become a dominant global force in mechanical engineering. 

The MAN Story

Early MAN engineers were responsible for pioneering the printing press, the production of steam turbines, constructing one of the world’s first monorails, the Wuppertal Monorail, as well as the construction of early steel railway bridges, an advanced feat of structural design and engineering for that time. 

The culture of innovation and entrepreneurism fostered great minds like Dr. Rudolf Diesel, who developed the first diesel engine at the MAN Augsburg werks  in 1895, technology that helped build the world we know today.

From these industrial roots, MAN advanced to being a world leader of commercial vehicle engines for trucks and busses, and large-bore diesel engines and turbomachinery for marine and stationary applications.  

MAN offers a wide range of highly efficient, reliable, and powerful engines for pleasure and commercial marine settings.  Their legacy in innovative technology propels them to the future as MAN continues to set trends toward cleaner, more powerful, and more fuel-efficient engines.


A video on the history of MAN